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The life we lead against the food we need

20.9.2019, , Zdroj: Verlag Dashöfer

One of the pleasures of modern life is the range of food we can eat. Whatever we feel like, basically. This was not the experience of people who lived in times before us. Today, in our homes we have fridges, freezers and microwaves; our supermarkets can source products from all over the world so nothing goes out of season; our highstreets are full of cafes, and independent fast food takeaways competing with massive international chains like McDonald's and KFC. That’s not to mention takeaway specialists like ‚Da me Jidlo‘ (Give Me Food!), which in the UK has the equivalent ‚Just Eat!‘.

In a way, this is wonderful, but in another way, it’s one of the biggest challenges for current generations

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