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Job application and correspondence

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Job application and correspondence

Edward Thomas


When you apply for a job in English, the first thing you need is a clear understanding of the most important words. In the following table, the words on the left are taken from typical job advertisements. The phrases on the right are connected with them but are mixed up. Can you re-connect them correctly?

Funky and Fresh TV Company Seeks Finance Assistant

1. Employer: a) Greater London - West London
2. Posted: b) Full-time
3. Contact: c) Sensations Recruitment
4. Location: d) Permanent
5. Industry: e) Laura Owen
6. Contract: f) Batchelor's degree
7. Hours: g) Finance – General, Media - TV
8. Salary: h) 31 Jul 08
9. Relevant work experience: i) Junior (assistant)
10. Education level: j) £ 24,000
11. Career level: k) 2-5 years

Correct answers are here1

Extra questions:

1) The antonym of „full time” is...........?

2) The antonym of „permanent” is…………?

3) Can you think of two synonyms for „salary”?

Correct answers are here2


Look at the following job description which follows on from the basic details described in exercise 1. Look at the statements below and decide which are true and which are false.

Snazz 1 are a fairly new TV production company who are looking for an enthusiastic Finance Assistant to join their expanding team. Reporting to and working closely with the Financial Controller, your duties will include sales and purchase ledger, petty cash, bank reconciliations, posting journals, accruals and prepayments, credit control, assisting with payroll as well as the preparation of financial reports. The Financial Controller is a dynamic but easy-going person who will take a relaxed approach that really offers you a great opportunity to shine!

The ideal candidate will be proactive, polite and helpful, be able to work on their own initiative but also as part of a team. This is a creative company so if you have previously worked in the media it will be beneficial but not essential. Strong inter-personal and advanced Excel skills however are essential. Most importantly, you must have an outgoing personality with a good sense of humour!

Based in trendy offices in West London, this company would really like to see the successful candidate develop their role by taking on more and more responsibilities.

So, if you are looking to work for an exciting business that can offer you a progressive career in a dynamic and fun environment, please apply now to find out more!

True or False:

1) Snazz 1 are a long-established company.

2) The job includes responsibility for recruitment.

3) The Financial Controller is a nice person.

4) It's most important to be polite and helpful.

5) Experience is necessary.

6) The candidate must be good with people.

7) It is vital that the candidate enjoys a good laugh.

8) The company is located outside the city.

9) The company want candidates who will accept more responsibilities over time.

10) It's an enjoyable place to work.

Correct answers are here3


The Candidate. Look at the example of a CV that you can see below. Pay attention to the highlighted words - they are useful. Answer the questions which follow the CV about the language used.

Details Philip Sanders (BScHons)


Mob: 07446 673728
DoB: 27-AUG-81

Education BSc (Hons) 2:1 Chemistry with Computing
University of Sussex

5 A-levels A-C from Yates School, Cuthshire

Career Summary:

2005 - present:Web Executive
  • Developed role as internal consultant to recommend on technical aspects of the online systems

  • Introduced new systems of data input, checking, searching and back up.

  • Designed and conceived search system for online users

Skills gained:
  • Communication of technical concepts to people untrained in technological potential.

  • Knowledge of centrality of people and business processes to online business development.

  • Understanding and insight into the central role of user-friendly systems in increasing traffic for commercial websites.

2003-2005:Electronic Operations Co-ordinator
  • Created a new role coordinating online activity

  • Conceived and implemented electronic operations meetings to bring all departments together online.

  • Trained users in the BroadVision system

  • Constructed user-guides as aid to users online.

  • Transformed support and reduced fix-times 14 days (target 21)

  • Began standardised management statistics reporting for customer use of websites

Skills gained:
  • Learned significance of branding (again)

  • Understood the importance of supported training

  • Learned that process requires attitudinal and cultural change.


1998-2002 Bsc Hons Chemistry with computing for University of Sussex

1991-1998 Downs School Leominster 5 science/maths A Levels (3 A grades, 2 Bs)

Further skills

Proficient in Java script

Fluent in three foreign languages: French, German, Italian

Personal details

Driving Licence: clean

Health: Excellent. Non-smoker

Other Details: Qualified first-aider


What word(s) or sentence

1) shows that Phillip is good at languages?

2) shows that he has the imagination to find new ideas?

3) show that he is able to bring new things into a company?

4) show that he is able to teach people?

5) are used to show that he knows a lot about his business?

6) means that Phillip is good in programming language?

7) shows that Phillip has no problem with his driving record?

8) shows that Phillip has developed routine procedures in online business?

9) shows that he knows how to increase his role?

10) shows that Phillip makes a positive difference in practical ways?

Correct answers are here4


Look at the table below which is full of adjectives useful to describe candidates for jobs. Connect the adjectives with their definitions.

1) Creative a) someone who always organises their life to fit their targets.
2) Innovative b) someone who knows a lot about their areas.
3) Enthusiastic c) someone for whom change is no problem- including time, structure of work, holidays etc.
4) Disciplined d) someone who does things in new ways.
5) Ambitious e) someone who has seen a lot of their business and done many different roles.
6) Knowledgeable f) someone who does more than they really need to for their job.
7) Self-motivated g) someone who is excited about the work they do and positive about it.
8) Experienced h) someone who is not always looking for another position but accepts the good and the bad of their employer's work.
9) Independent i) has a lot of energy which affects their work and their colleagues.
10) Flexible j) someone who is able to tell themselves to do good work.
11) Dynamic k) someone who concentrates on targets and gives a lot of their mind to their business.
12) Friendly l) someone who can work without other people around, or without the help for others.
13) Hard working m) a person who always has skilful ways of doing things.
14) Loyal n) someone who has big goals and wants to achieve them very much.
15) Focussed o) someone who always has a smile for people and doesn't get angry easily.

Correct answers are here5


How diplomatic are you? Beginnings and endings.

The right level of formality is very important when writing to people or sending emails. Look at the sentences below. Below them write F if you think they are formal, I, if you think they are informal, and N, if you think they are neutral.

A )„Dear sir,

Thank you for your enquiry...”

B) „Dear Mr Jones,

I was pleased to receive your request for...”

C) „Dear Thomas,

Delighted to get your questions...”

Which one:

1) Doesn't use the pronoun where it would normally be used?

2) Uses the personal pronoun „I”?

3) Addresses only the sender?

D) „Look forward to hearing more soon,



E) „Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

Yours sincerely,

Brown associates.”

F) „Feel free to contact me if you need more information.

Best regards,

D. Phillips”

Which ending:

4) uses a negative to express a positive idea?

5) omits a personal pronoun where one should be used?

6) uses a friendly imperative?

Now match the greetings with the endings in the boxes provided:

Correct answers are here6

Correct answers are here7


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