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Otázky a procvičení k 26. lekci

20.8.2018, Zdroj: Verlag Dashöfer

Otázky a procvičení k 26. lekci


Below there is a description of what the politicians call The Co-decision Procedure, which is the most common way that EU law is made. Read and answer the questions which follow.

The Co-decision Procedure

First of all the Commission makes its proposal - but before this there is a long period of „consultation” where the Commission gets the views of many organisations. Anyway, we'll call this

Step 1: The Commission proposal

Next, the European Parliament has a „first reading” of the proposal. There is no time limit, and a committee of MEPs, working with a „Rapporteur”, is given the job of analysing the proposal and getting ready an „opinion” which may include „amendments” (changes) When this is done the Commission gives its view of the opinion, and the Parliament votes on it.. We'll call this

Step 2: Parliament's opinion

At the same time as Parliament is discussing the proposal, there is a „first reading” in the Council, with the help of „working groups” of experts from member states who report to a