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Otázky a procvičení k 6. lekci

14.6.2018, Zdroj: Verlag Dashöfer

Otázky a procvičení k 6. lekci


In The Letter and Letter to Ms. Jones, two letters were written in semi-formal style. Some of the phrases from them and are now included in the letter below - but something is very wrong because it should be an informal letter / email, and the language is far too formal. Your task is to change the formal phrases into forms where they can be used for the informal letter - the informal language you need is listed below. When you've finished you should have a model informal letter. Warning the difference between informal and formal can be as little as an apostrophe!

Hi Paul,

1. I very much enjoyed the time you gave us the other day. 2. Since that time I've been thinking what we can add to our working partnership, and 3. it seems to me that the first thing we can do is get our IT guys (who are excellent) to help you out with your website. 4. I've been informed that they've got some special software which 5. was obtained from some California geeks. 6. I wonder if

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